I am a German-Swedish third-year student majoring in Governance, Economics, and Development and will be serving as the Roosevelt Network at LUC’s President throughout this academic year. Last year, I joined this chapter in its beginning phases, first as Head of External Affairs and later as Vice President and it was a pleasure to help lay the groundwork for our website, magazine, and overall organizational structure. I am looking forward to working closely together with this year’s Board to expand our reach, engage more closely with the LUC community, and delve into this year’s magazine theme: “Climate Emergency.”

Vice-President, Head of External Affairs

I am German, from Berlin, and major in Governance, Economics, and Development (BSC) and minor in Sustainability. As Vice President, I am dedicated to make the Roosevelt Network at LUC a platform for ambitious students with versatile interests to engage with world affairs in an innovative way. In doing that, I am in charge of organizing high-quality events that encourage discourse between the different academic disciplines and tracks of life that come together at LUC. Moreover, part of my management role is to establish meaningful partnerships with other committees and external organizations.
Personally, I am especially interested in research on international (political) economy, sustainable development, as well as the economics of health care.

Head of Operations

I am a third-year student majoring in Culture, History and Society. I find it fascinating how we, as individuals and as communities, interact with and think about both our natural and built environment. I am from Germany, and I have recently discovered my interest in how environmentalism has developed through German history, particularly how environmentalist schools have been influenced by the very different social and political contexts in Germany in the last 100 years. As Head of Operations I am looking forward to working together with all the different people involved in the Roosevelt Network in the upcoming year.

Communication Lead

I’m a second year student majoring in World Politics. I am Italo-Croatian and due to my family’s history and the changes they went through as a result of the establishment of different countries/regimes led me to be interested in politics and international relations. Having been raised in Rijeka (a very diverse city) I was able to interact with people of different walks of life and backgrounds and see the effect current or past political trends had on them and their community. Currently, my biggest interest is crisis management and I hope to continue my studies in that path after LUC.

I am Svenja Frøhlich Balkhausen and I am one of the Heads of Research at the Roosevelt Network. I’m a third year World Politics student at LUC who grew up in Germany in a German-Danish household. As Head of Research with William Goldiamond, I want to push innovative and underrepresented ideas into the forefront. I’m most excited to get to brainstorm with our Research Team and help everyone achieve research we can be proud of. As a researcher, I am most interested in the topics of conflict studies, environmental politics, and (feminist) political philosophy.

Head of Research

As Head of Research alongside Svenja Frøhlich Balkhausen, my job is to motivate, coordinate and manage this year’s research team. Our upcoming magazine’s theme is the ‘Climate Emergency’, a massive topic that interconnects global interests, no matter what or where. Us Heads of Research therefore strive to approach this topic as holistically as possible by recruiting a team of researchers with highly diverse interests and backgrounds. My own perspective is that of a second-year Franco-American student who has grown up in the Netherlands and now studies International Justice. My primary field of interest is that of public international law, a fascinating discipline that has only recently begun to grapple with the climate emergency.


I am a second-year student majoring in World Politics and minoring in International Justice. I am particularly interested in the rise of China, as well as postcolonialist and feminist approaches to IR. Having been born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, where a lot of environmental and socioeconomic changes have been occurring, I am excited to contribute to the creation of this year’s magazine on the “Climate Emergency.” I cannot wait to see the Roosevelt Network grow to be a bigger part of the LUC community.


I am a recent World Politics graduate, currently starting my master’s degree in Political Science with a specialization in Political Communication. I will be studying in Israel, where I was born and raised. Last year, I served as Head of the Research at the Roosevelt Network, and this year I will be excitedly filling the role of Editor in Chief. My main fields of interest are post-Western IR, world-order dynamics, and regional trends. In the future, I hope to be able to combine my passion for the academic world with my love for journalism.

During our founding year, the Roosevelt Network created an online digital archive, produced the first edition of the Roosevelt Magazine and published the first bundle of LUC Capstones. None of this would have been possible without all our members.


Research Team

Congratulations to our Research Team for producing the first series of publications for our website and an impressive first edition of our magazine. We would like to say a big thank you to:

Anisha Chandrasekar, Lucas van den Heuvel, Lea Hoopman, Ami Kinoshita, Karolina Kneller, Marnix Middelburg, Remya Radhakrishnan, Judith Rybol and Caoimhe Ní Shúilleabháin.


Editorial Team

A special thank you also to the Editorial Team who collaborated with the Research Team to produce the magazine. They edited and critically reviewed our publications and approved the first set of Capstones. This year’s team included:

Emma Armand, Taylor Brown, Jindra Hartog, Josephine Henze, Pieter “Guus” Huurman, Veerle Korsten, Romée Lind, Emma Lindner, Marleen Onnekes and Gemke Wijgergangs.

Credit for all team photos – Brian @ brian.lain