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Co-Founder, President

I am a final semester International Justice major from the Netherlands. Growing up in Abuja, Nigeria until the age of 16 my passion has always been hiking and nature. This is why after completing the IB in The Hague I decided to take half a gap year to work in conservation in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa as a field guide. I highly recommend visiting South Africa whether it is for the wine in Stellenbosch, the wildlife in Kruger, or even just the braai. I came into contact with the Roosevelt Network this year during my exchange in Singapore. It has been a very rewarding experience to set up the Roosevelt Network at LUC, and I hope that we will grow to be a place that LUC students can be proud to share and publish their ideas.

Co-Founder, President

I am a German American from Zurich and currently a third-year student concentrating in World Politics. After leaving business school and a gap year working in construction and as a ski instructor, I came to LUC to better understand our social world. Here I eventually found my passion for national and global security and was concurrently inspired by my fellow students’ intellect and advocacy. With our platform, I hope to help them reach audiences outside our college. During my free time, I enjoy playing chess, mixing music, and having cheeky BBQs with the boys.

Vice President

My name is Pauline, I am Dutch and German, and I study Governance, Economics and Development at LUC. I am currently in my third year of my Bachelor, after which I am hoping to continue my studies in the History of Ideas, gain experience living abroad, and eventually work as an investigative journalist or academic. I am passionate about equal educational access, journalism and sustainable development.

Head of External Affairs

My name is Clara Lindemann and I am a German-Swedish LUC student majoring in Governance, Economics, and Development. As Head of External Affairs, I will work to create meaningful partnerships with LUC committees and external organizations to provide our members with high-quality events and pieces from external contributors for the Network’s website. My main research interests lie in security politics, intersectional feminist (foreign) policy, and development.

Head of Research

I am Nur Ayça Demir. I am currently a third-year World Politics student. I will be serving as the Head of Research alongside Lior Hamovitz. I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. My interests are in the fields of post-positivist IR theory, international history of conflict, foreign policy of Turkey, and historical Middle Eastern studies. I am planning to do my masters and hopefully a PhD in a field concerning history and/or IR for my future academic career.

Head of Research

My name is Lior Hamovitz, a third-year World Politics major here at LUC. I was born and raised in Israel and studied the IB program in a UWC school in the UK. My main areas of interest are International Relations theory construction, East Asian political philosophy, and Middle Eastern political affairs. In the coming years I aspire to broaden and enrich my academic knowledge and experience, eventually becoming a professor myself.

Chief Editor

My name is Theodor Stabile, I am one of the Co-Editors in Chief. I grew up in four different European countries and have since taken on a third nationality. I am a passionate GED student, and an advocate for progressive policies in Economics and Governance. With these experiences, I hope to add a multicultural European perspective to the Roosevelt Network at LUC.

Chief Editor

My name is Hanisha Kanani, and although I’m Indian, I was born in England and grew up in Portugal. Through the multi-cultural experiences of living and studying in 4 different countries, I found a passion for the law, thus my choice of major in International Justice. I hope in the near future to start building my career in a direction that allows me to be hands on with bringing a little more justice to the world.

Creative Content Lead

I am a third-year Governance, Economics and Development student at LUC. I was born in Latvia, but have also lived in Poland, where I developed my interest in international development and economics. From working for the Latvian Chamber of Commerce, the UNICEF Student Team The Hague, to being a Partnerships lead in a start-up Impactify, I am always seeking to take on new challenges. As for hobbies, I enjoy all things art – from painting to graphic design. Therefore, as the organisation’s current Creative Content Lead, I hope to bring engaging and visually pleasing content to the Roosevelt Network at LUC social media pages.

During our founding year, the Roosevelt Network created an online digital archive, produced the first edition of the Roosevelt Magazine and published the first bundle of LUC Capstones. None of this would have been possible without all our members.


Research Team

Congratulations to our Research Team for producing the first series of publications for our website and an impressive first edition of our magazine. We would like to say a big thank you to:

Anisha Chandrasekar, Lucas van den Heuvel, Lea Hoopman, Ami Kinoshita, Karolina Kneller, Marnix Middelburg, Remya Radhakrishnan, Judith Rybol and Caoimhe Ní Shúilleabháin.


Editorial Team

A special thank you also to the Editorial Team who collaborated with the Research Team to produce the magazine. They edited and critically reviewed our publications and approved the first set of Capstones. This year’s team included:

Emma Armand, Taylor Brown, Jindra Hartog, Josephine Henze, Pieter “Guus” Huurman, Veerle Korsten, Romée Lind, Emma Lindner, Marleen Onnekes and Gemke Wijgergangs.

Credit for all team photos – Stefania @ stefania_pino_photography