Co-chair and Head of Research

Hi all! I’m Sasha and I am currently entering my third year here, majoring in World Politics with a minor in International Justice. As a researcher last year, I greatly enjoyed being able to write about a topic that has been at the heart of my research interests throughout LUC: colonial legacies. Today, I could not be more delighted to co-lead the Research Team with Lina to uncover, analyze, and discuss the intricacies of the “post-colonial” world.

Co-Chair and Head of Operations

Hi! I am a french third year majoring in Governance, Economics, and Development and minoring at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. I am very interested in data science and how we can use big data to help solve societal challenges. I am also very passionate about Alsace’s history, the region I grew up in, and how past historical events have shaped today’s regional policy-making. This year I will be serving as Head of Operations at the Roosevelt Network. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team and helping develop the Roosevelt magazine!

Head of External Affairs

Hey everyone, I’m Manju, a third year at Leiden University College majoring in Governance, Economics, and Development with a minor in Global Public Health. I’m very interested in issues of international relations, sustainable development, and gender equality. This year I am serving as the Head of External Affairs at the Roosevelt Network. I’m very excited to work together on producing and highlighting exciting student research by peers in our community and especially to host some exciting events!

Communication Lead

Hi, I’m Kate and I will be the Communications Lead at the Roosevelt Network this year. I am a Dutch-German-Canadian third-year International Justice student. Next to this, I am also studying at the Law Faculty in Leiden, making law a focal interest of mine. In particular, I am interested in learning how laws or entire legal systems impact and influence society, both intentionally and inadvertently. Given the theme for this year’s magazine, I believe this lines up really well. I look forward very much to figuring out how to communicate our researchers’ findings most effectively through the design of this year’s magazine, as well as working together with the rest of the board.

Head of Research

Hey everyone, I’m super excited to be Head of Research for Roosevelt together with Sasha this year! I’m a Culture, History, and Society major in my third year, doing my minor in Sustainable Development at Leiden University. I am from Düsseldorf which is in West Germany. My main interests are in Political Ecology and Environmental Anthropology. I believe decolonisation is an incredibly important topic in academia everywhere, and I am part of a student group at LUC that researches into what decolonising the environmental sciences could look like. I really hope this year’s magazine and blog can be a space for students to get their thoughts, writings and ideas about living in a (“post”) colonial world out into the open.


Hello, dear reader. Gregory and I will serve as your new Editors in Chief for The Roosevelt. You may remember me from my last tenure as Head of Research, during which I headed research. This time around, the key task as Editor in Chief is to be the predator creditor of competitor editors who briefly debrief beefily leafed beliefs chief to briefed motifs. As a Franco-American studying International Justice, I hope to contribute an international (and) legal perspective to this year’s magazine.


As this years Co-Editor in Chief, alongside William, I hope to expand on my involvement at Roosevelt from my previous position as Editor. Originally from Germany, I have also lived in Haiti, the US, and the Netherlands. At LUC, I am majoring in World Politics with a particular interest in (political and moral) philosophy and artificial intelligence, which I will further pursue during my exchange to the National University of Singapore. Thus, I hope to provide a constructive (tech/philosophy flavored) perspective, as well as support and guidance to the Editorial team (even from half-way around the world during semester 1).

During our founding year, the Roosevelt Network created an online digital archive, produced the first edition of the Roosevelt Magazine and published the first bundle of LUC Capstones. None of this would have been possible without all our members.


Research Team

Congratulations to our Research Team for producing the first series of publications for our website and an impressive first edition of our magazine. We would like to say a big thank you to:

Anisha Chandrasekar, Lucas van den Heuvel, Lea Hoopman, Ami Kinoshita, Karolina Kneller, Marnix Middelburg, Remya Radhakrishnan, Judith Rybol and Caoimhe Ní Shúilleabháin.


Editorial Team

A special thank you also to the Editorial Team who collaborated with the Research Team to produce the magazine. They edited and critically reviewed our publications and approved the first set of Capstones. This year’s team included:

Emma Armand, Taylor Brown, Jindra Hartog, Josephine Henze, Pieter “Guus” Huurman, Veerle Korsten, Romée Lind, Emma Lindner, Marleen Onnekes and Gemke Wijgergangs.

Credit for all team photos – Brian @ brian.lain