Our Research Center is a focus group composed of LUC students exploring a range of topics related to national and international affairs and law. Though most work produced by our group and independent contributors is interdisciplinary we make it easier to find specific research in our archive by diving topics into five categories: Earth, Energy & Technology, International Law & Affairs, Economy & Institutions, Health & Education and Diversity & Equity.


Our Researchers are accustomed to the inner workings of independent research in an autonomous, student-led think tank. LUC students and alumni are welcomed to contribute individual articles through our submission portals.

We focus on addressing the challenges and issues concerning the environment. We aim to propose policies and offer in-depth analyses of the current context concerning the climate crisis as well as the ways to alleviate the detrimental effects for a better future.

We explore both normative and practical matters in accordance with the field of International Law and Relations. Issues of war and terrorism are discussed in not only a classical state-centric way but also through the perspectives of the affected communities. Historical and contemporary events concerning diplomacy explored through case studies, comparative analyses, and policy briefs. Today’s most pressing world politics subjects are discussed accordingly with progressive ideals for reaching solutions through cooperation.

We look at the implications of economics, governance, and institutions in both contexts of local and global. We elaborate on the effects of formal and informal institutions in shaping political leadership and governance, and vice versa. The effects of global economics on the local and international levels are also investigated to address issues of great importance and urgency.

We discuss the effects of the modern developments on how we deal with global health in the time of the pandemic. We explore the various trajectories of development all around the world and its implicit and explicit ramifications on public health and education. We propose a range of policies and resolutions in enhancing these detrimental challenges concerning both domestic and global contexts.

We address some of the systemic and historic inequalities and injustices still tacitly enforced all around the world. Our objective is to focus on the issues surrounding diversity, inequality and injustice via employing an approach of inclusivity both on voices and on narratives. Challenges of diversity in our contemporary time are to be approached while bearing in mind the communities historically denied political power.

Interested in joining our Research Center? Applications are open before the start of each semester. Open to LUC students and alumni only.

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