LUC Career Committee

The Career Committee is a student led committee within Leiden University College, The Hague, that attempts to assist students in finding more clarity on their career path. Our goal is to help students realize the potential opportunities that are out there in the world and the skills they already possess to help them with that.


Lustitia is a platform where Students, Professors, and Alumni can come together and share events, court hearings, internships, jobs, news & experiences with each other. Many current and former IJ students are doing some amazing things and through this platform, we would like to create a network of opportunities and discussion. We encourage anyone interested to join and follow our facebook page, LUSTITIA LUC International Justice.

Women in Innovation and Leadership

In 2018, LUC student Sara Kemppainen founded Women in Innovation and Leadership (WIL) with the goal of creating a supportive network of female students and young professionals entering the workforce, as well as providing them with the soft-skills requisite to succeed in a male-dominated labor market. Today, WIL is a legally registered non-profit association with a seat at The Hague Tech that organizes workshops, networking events, panel discussions, and more, in addition to a mentorship program with professional career coaches, for its members.

The Good Leader Index

The Good Leader Index is Simon Anholt’s new review of the world’s leaders, a month-by-month assessment of how much good or harm they are doing to the rest of the world, outside their own national borders. Each month, the group highlights one national, regional, city, institutional or even business leader who appears to be doing the best job of balancing their domestic and international responsibilities; and one who is doing the opposite.